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Main » 2013 » December » 25 » big t - light baja are a few tricks you can do to include links
12:29 PM
big t - light baja are a few tricks you can do to include links
Seo for search form I have a shopping site that works a little bit differently than the rest:The only way to get to the products that you want is by search, my client asked not to display links to categories of products. I'm worried about search engine optimization because crawlers won't be able to get to the products or the views.That url is the view i'm talking about. I have a little experience from an seo company, there big t - light baja are a few tricks you can do to include links without making them displayable to the user, close to what theomega mentions but doing so without permanently hiding it from the user: Why don't you put a list of products on you website and make it somehow small or move it out of sight, so google follows the links but your customers don't get distracted. The main part of the keyword section for the search will be content.7-10% of your content should be strong relational content to your target keywords.So for t-Shirts you could add in words like shirt, tee-Shirt, clothes, tops, etc.And for marketing purposes with the t-Shirt analogy you would use keywords like cheap, affordable, low price, True Religion Flare etc. 7-10% is the magic range, anything too high above 10% may be considered spam content by a search engine, too little and it feels the content is not relevant to the keywords you're targeting. Also, use your-Tags wisely on your product names.Emphasising a title in the right way(Whether it has a link ref or not)Will always yield good results, especially with google and yahoo.Use one tag to do a main title and try to include a sub title with or to emphasise some more sub-Keywords. The site map is still a good idea but like theomega said, there is not much it can do if there aren't back track links on the site(Like navigation menus)That relate to the links provided in the site map. To do the hidden but crawler readable link revealable, you can use a negative floating with a high z-Index:And then use javascript or css to reveal those links to the user on a click or mouse event.
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