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Main » 2013 » November » 4 » Tomsawyers Jackets i handle jet lag
7:05 AM
Tomsawyers Jackets i handle jet lag
How can Tomsawyers Jackets i handle jet lag Here are some tips about how to handle jet lag. Eat before you get on the plane.This way you can get some sleep in without the distractions of your growling stomach or a dinner-Wielding flight attendant. Reset your watch to your destination time as soon as you get on the plane.Follow the time as your would at home.If it is daytime, stay awake by walking around the cabin.If it is nighttime, try to sleep.A sleeping mask and ear plugs will block some of the light and noise from the plane. If you use a blanket, buckle your seat belt over the blanket so the flight attendant will not have to wake you Tomsawyers online mens blue black jackets gore-tex in the event of turbulence.The attendant will provide you with a pillow if you need one. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can disrupt sleep patterns. If it daylight when you arrive but nighttime at home, you may be tempted to sleep.Instead, try going for a walk outside.The exercise may revive you.Also, daylight should help convince your body to stop producing sleep-Inducing hormones.Plus, you wouldn want to sleep away the first day of your vacation. Depends if you travelling west or east.But generally, drink plenty of water, get up and walk around occasionally, set your watch to your arrival time zone and sleep when it time to sleep there, stay awake when you should be awake there.Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Another travel tip for long flights is to bring a washcloth or hankee with you and ocassionally, get it wet and breathe through it. (I would put it over my face when i slept on international flights).This will add humidity to the air you breathe and help prevent sinus problems and headaches from the dry, recycled air. Best result i ever had was with taking short naps on the flight.When you get where you are going, stay up until it gets near your normal bedtime there.Following the directions on the label, take a dose of melatonin before you go to bed, at least for the first two or three nights.The melatonin will help you sleep, and after a few nights of artificial melatonin cycles, your body will usually be on the proper natural night cycle for where you are.
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